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This page is for exclusive spring fundraiser customers to use as a reference catalog. If you are not purchasing from a fundraiser, this page will not be useful to you. If you would like more information about our fundraiser opportunity please contact us by using the button below.  

It's Fundraiser Season!

Please use this page to explore our exclusive selection for our spring fundraisers, featuring a stunning array of options including 10" and 12" hanging baskets, vibrant bedding plants, aromatic herbs, lush geraniums, and much more! At Tebbs' Farms, we take pride in nurturing each product in-house with the utmost dedication, guaranteeing you receive only the most beautiful, long-lasting flowers and plants.

View your available selections below.

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How It Works

Fundraiser Redemption Details

  • Orders should be placed directly through the individual's fundraiser form, a voucher will then be provided once the totals have been tallied.

  • To redeem, a voucher must be presented to Tebbs' Farms 

  • Most items can be redeemed between May 1st and May 25th.

  • Inventory decreases as May progresses, so selection may vary later in the month.

  • Considering Pennsylvania's spring weather, we advise against purchasing hanging baskets before Mother's Day to avoid frost damage. Early purchases are fine if you're willing to protect them nightly, but our selection remains abundant after May 12th.

  • Your preferred color or variety might not be available at redemption due to decreasing stock.

12" Hanging Basket - $40.00

Redeemable May 1 - May 25 ONLY

- These are by far our most popular hanging baskets we grow. 

- Largest and Fullest in a 12” green hanging pot with a wire hanger. 


10" Hanging Basket - $35.00

- Our 10" hanging baskets are planted in a 10" green container with a wire hanger.

- 10" hanging baskets include Million Bell Baskets, Verbena Baskets, and Fuchsia Baskets  

Redeemable May 1 - May 25 ONLY


1 Tray of Bedding Plants - $25.00 

Redeemable May 1 - May 25 ONLY

We have a wide selection of bedding plants available to choose from, including flowers and vegetables. 

Bedding Plant Details

  • Our bedding plants are available in trays of 36, organized into 6 packs of 6 plants each.

  • You have the flexibility to mix and match your selections, as long as you maintain a total of 6 packs per tray. This option is perfect for the avid gardener looking to customize their garden's look.

  • Our wide variety of bedding plants includes Petunias, Impatiens, Snapdragons, Marigolds, a variety of Pepper and Tomato Plants, Dianthus, Pansies, Violas, and many more, ensuring you have a broad palette of options to create your ideal garden display.

  • Redeemable between May 1 - May 25

Screenshot 2024-04-04 at 6.57.56 PM.png

4 Potted Herbs - $15.00

Redeemable May 1 - May 25 ONLY

Dive into our aromatic world of herbs, where each is carefully nurtured in 4” round pots, ready to bring flavor and fragrance to your garden or kitchen. Upon voucher redemption, you're invited to select 4 herbs of your choice from our extensive cultivation. ​

Herb Plant Details

  • You're entitled to choose any 4 herbs to enrich your culinary or gardening experience.

  • Our diverse range encompasses Basil, Oregano, Thyme, Dill, Catnip, Rosemary, Lavender, Mint, Cilantro, Lemongrass, and more, ensuring you have a wide array of options for cooking, teas, or simply adding a touch of green to your space.

  • Redeemable between May 1 - May 25


12" Planters - $35 (geranium) $40 (shade) 

Redeemable May 1 - May 25 ONLY

Explore our exquisite Geranium and Shade Planters, meticulously designed to enhance any setting. Our Geranium Planters burst with vibrant blooms, perfect for adding a touch of color, while our Shade Planters provide a serene beauty ideal for less sunny locales, both ensuring your space is transformed into a picturesque oasis. Planters are available between May 1 - May 25. 

5 Potted Sunpatiens - $35.00

Redeemable May 1 - May 25 ONLY

Brighten up your garden with our selection of 5.5” SunPatiens, an exceptional choice for both sunny and shady spots in your garden, known for their long-blooming, clump-forming habit that elevates their vibrant flowers above the foliage for a striking display. These robust plants are celebrated for their ability to thrive in a wide range of conditions, making them a foolproof addition to any garden.

Sunpatiens Details

  • Upon voucher redemption, you're entitled to select any five SunPatiens, offering a palette of colors including red, white, lavender, pink, orange, purple, rose, and tropical rose.

  • SunPatiens are an exceptional choice for both sunny and shady spots in your garden, known for their long-blooming, clump-forming habit that elevates their vibrant flowers above the foliage for a striking display.

  • Not only are they remarkably tolerant of occasional forgetfulness in watering, but their versatility also makes them perfect for a variety of uses — from border plants to standalone features in landscaping, hanging baskets, or solo pots.

  • Redeemable between May 1 - May 25


Large Tomato Plants - $11.00

Redeemable May 1 - May 25 ONLY

Our tomato plants consistently emerge as the standout favorite in our fundraiser year after year, a testament to their quality and the anticipation they garner.

Tomato Plant Details

  • These tomato plants are among the first we begin nurturing in January, allowing ample time for them to grow robust by fundraiser season. This early start means that, depending on the spring weather, you might find your plant already sporting blossoms or even tomatoes at the time of pickup.

  • Upon redemption, you have the choice between two beloved varieties: the 'Big Boy', known for its large, late-ripening tomatoes, and the ever-popular Cherry Tomato.

  • Redeemable between May 1 - May 25


Redeemable anytime at Tebbs

Gift Cards - $25.00

Gift cards from Tebbs' Farms present the ideal solution for both those who are uncertain about which plants to choose and for those who have specific preferences not covered by our fundraiser offerings. They are also the perfect choice for individuals who may not have a green thumb but still wish to explore the myriad of options our retail store offers throughout the year. With our doors open from Easter through Christmas, our ever-evolving product line ensures that every visit is a new discovery, making our gift cards a versatile and thoughtful option for anyone looking to support our fundraiser while enjoying the freedom to select exactly what they desire, whenever they're ready.

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