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Don't Overcook Your Corn!

Our Recommended Sweet Corn Cooking Instructions

Don't fall victim to overcooking your sweet corn! Sweet corn is full of natural sugars - the longer you cook it the more sugars will turn to starch. Use these simple, tried & true, cooking instructions and you'll be enjoying our sweetcorn with the sweetness that's intended! 


1. Husk & Clean the Corn

Peel back the leaves at the tip of the cob just until you can see the top few rows of kernels. This is the start of your “zipper.” Grasp the tops of the leaves and the tassel. Grasp the tops of the leaves and the tassel together in one hand. Grip the bottom of the ear of corn with your opposite hand.  Pull down in one firm tug. Pull the leaves and tassels straight down in one firm tug. Pull all the way to the bottom, inverting the husk and the cob. Break off the leaves and the silks. Gather the leaves and silks in one hand and snap them off at the base of the ear of corn. Discard the leaves, silks, and tassels. Tidy up the cob. Run your fingers over the cob and pick away any remaining silks. You probably won’t get every single one — that’s part of the corn-on-the-cob experience — but you can get most of them.

2. Bring Water to Boil

Put about 3-4" of water in a large pot with some salt. The pot should be wide enough around that you can place the corn long-ways into the pan without any sitting at an awkward angle. Don't put the corn in the pot yet, though! You want to bring this small amount of water to a boil FIRST before putting in the corn. 


3. Steam the Corn

Once the water begins to boil, carefully place your corn in the pot using tongs. It's crucial that the water in the bottom of your pot is NOT covering the corn. This is just steaming the corn, not boiling it! Boiling corn creates tough, not sweet, corn (usually what comes on your plate in most restaurants where they boil the corn to death.) Once all your corn is in the pot, take your lid and cover the corn. Start your timer for about 5 minutes (smaller kernels could be closer to 3 while large fat kernels could be near 7, just use your best judgement and when in doubt, do 5!). 

4. Enjoy Your Tebbs Corn

Remove your perfectly steamed corn using tongs and enjoy! We love just the simply salt and butter on ours, but to each their own! 

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