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Welcome to Spring at Our Market

An exciting array of products that are continuously being added to weekly as April brings more plants, some local fresh produce, & more. 

Store Hours 
Monday-Friday 9am-6pm
Saturday 9am-3pm 
Sunday - CLOSED


Shop All Your Local Favorites & Find New Ones!

Green Fields

Welcome to Tebbs!

We are a local, well-established farm market and greenhouse company with a proud and rich history spanning 75 years in the Williamsport area. Since inception, Tebbs Farms and Greenhouses has been committed to providing the local community with an abundance of fresh produce, vibrant vegetables, beautiful flowers, and healthy plants. With a deeply rooted legacy and a dedication to quality, Tebbs Farms and Greenhouses is the trusted destination for customers seeking the finest and most flavorful offerings.

Tebbs Farms new retail building

Celebrating 75 Years
with a Fresh Start

Tebbs Farms and Greenhouses' Retail Market

celebrating 75 years

Visit our retail market, a modern and comfortable space that caters to your shopping needs. This fully enclosed building is equipped with heating and air conditioning, ensuring a pleasant shopping experience throughout the year. 

With a dedicated kitchen area, we offer wide range of delicious, ready-to-eat, pre-made options for your convenience and enjoyment. Visit us year-round, for fresh produce, vibrant plants and local products regardless of the season.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our loyal customers and eagerly anticipate welcoming new faces. Your support is what brings our market to life, and we're excited to share the beauty of every season with all of you!

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Don't Miss Out on Our Market Boxes

A delightful solution for a fresh, simple, and easy meal experience! Each week, we curate these bountiful boxes packed with farm-fresh produce and handpicked selections from local businesses, creating an entire meal for 4-5 people. Whether it's a holiday, the current season, or simply an irresistible combination, our Market Boxes are thoughtfully crafted to satisfy your taste buds. It's the perfect way to explore new flavors, support local businesses, and create memorable meals for your loved ones.

Our Market Boxes are highly sought after and available in limited quantities. Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to elevate your cooking and dining experience. Place your order now before they're gone! Embrace the joy of fresh ingredients, discover new tastes, and make every meal a delightful adventure with our incredible Market Boxes.

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