There have been a lot of questions regarding the "market boxes" so I'm going to do my best to answer most of them with this post!


1. What is a market box?

The market boxes are something we started last year and they had such a big success, we are doing them again. Each week, every THURSDAY for 8 weeks in the summer we put together a box. The box either has a theme or is centered around a meal. For example last year we did a brunch themed box, a BLT market box, A "Cinco De Augusto" box, an It's Fall, Ya'll box, and four others! The contents of the box are different every week. We try to include most (if not all) the fresh ingredients for one of our most loved summer recipes, a bouquet of fresh flowers, an odd vegetable/fruit you may have never heard of before, and lots more!


2. What is the cost of the market box?

The cost is entirely dependent on the contents. They may range from $50-$75 each depending on that week's theme. They are put together with a family of 4-5 people each. We are working diligently on providing a "half size" box this year with the idea of a single couple ordering one. It would ideally be half the cost (still working out the details on this part)


3. How do I get one?

This is NOT a subscription service. Meaning, you are not required to get one every week. What happens is you subscribe to our email like by going to and scroll to the bottom of that page to subscribe. Once you are subscribed you'll recieve the email EACH WEDNESDAY MORNING that details the contents of the box and the cost. YOU MUST REPLY to that email in order to order one. We reply back with a confirmation number and you're good to go. You will then pick up the next day, THURSDAYS of the week, using that confimration number that was given to you in our reply back. Payment is due upon pick up. If you order one and fail to pick your box up the next day, you will no longer be able to order market boxes with us. We only do so many each week and we often have to tell people who try to order that they are sold out by the afternoon. That means two things: ORDER EARLY (Like as soon as you get the email at 8:00 am) and IF WE HOLD ONE FOR YOU - YOU'RE TAKING THE SPOT OF ONE OF OUR ACCOUNTED FOR BOXES.


4. I see you work with other businesses. What does that mean and how does that work?

At Tebbs Farms we believe small business is the lifeline of the economy. These businesses are owned and run by people in your community. That means their profits go back into your LOCAL ECONOMY to build it up, provide jobs, and make it a spectacular living area. SUPPORT THEM! We would never ask you to do something we don't do - so we are doing just that, supporting our friends. For example: In the Brunch basket last year we did a Sticky Bun from Mr. Sticky's, Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice from Kathy's Cafe, Eggs from a local chicken farm, Whole Milk from @nittany Valley Creamery, Coffee from Griggs Coffee, Muffins from Batter-Up Bakery, Lean Bacon and Breakfast Sausage from Tony's Delicatessen & Fresh Meats, and a Tebbs T-shirt from Teamwork Graphics. That was just ONE basket! Last year we worked with several others including: Maseto's, Di Rosco Arrosticini, Lycoming Bakery, Lotus Blossom Watercolors and Lettering, Miles Welby A Candle Co., The Hillside Catering, Sprinkled Sweet, Wegmans, @InAJam, Kc Kettle Corn, We Sister's Bakery, Waltz Creamery & Farm House Cafe', @Real Taste Taqueria,and Broad Street Breads.


5. How many are you planning on doing and how fast do they sell out?

We are planning on doing a specific amount this year. Last year we flew by the seat of our pants and added as many as we could. We realize now, working with other businesses, we need to know exactly how many we plan to do each week and will have to tell more people this year that they are sold out. Last year it was usually noon time when we filled the list. The email comes to your inbox at 8:00 am each Wednesday morning. Reply immediately to ensure you're on the purchase list that week.


I hope that answers most of your questions! If you need more information, don't hestitate to ask!